Where is This Place Where People are Simply Calling For God?

Events unfold quickly in Iran and it is becoming increasingly clear that the mainstream media performs poorly, thrown off guard by journalists forbidden to cover events. No one truly knows whether one leader is better than the other, especially Israelis who insist on searching for the Israeli perspective – but making judgement is not what’s important at this point.

People died today, people died yesterday – it’s all a blur. We have learned to be apathetic as a way of survival. “17 dead” is meaningless, until you see a video of one Iranian girl dying in front of your eyes. New media bridges the geographical distances and lets you, if you allow it, to be a witness. Since we cannot grasp the big picture at this point, there is a significance in taking in small doses of reality. For most of us – a witness is all we can be at this point, and that is a lot.


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