Channel 10 Presents: A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma

After solving the Riddle of the Sphinx, there really aren’t that many riddles left to solve. The only one I can think of has to do with Israel Channel 10’s weather map and its representation of famous Israeli landmarks: Mount Hermon has a snowman, Haifa has the Baha’i Shrine, Tel-Aviv has the Azrieli skyscrapers and Jerusalem the Knesset.
Which leads us to the Beersheba conundrum: behind the inevitable camel, there is a complex of buildings which resembles nothing I have ever seen in the city, and certainly nothing that is as easily recognizable as the others mentioned.

Now, this may not be as important to solve as the Iranian nuclear race – but unlike Ahmadinejad, this one is within our reach:
Israel's Channel 10 Weather Map

Israel's Channel 10 Weather Map

2 thoughts on “Channel 10 Presents: A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma”

  1. @Shahar: Thanks for clearing this up. Over the years I have raised this question over and over and no one I talked to was able to decisively determine what exactly those buildings represented. Channel 10’s own weatherperson Naama Eisenbruch told me in an email (translated from Hebrew):

    The buildings behind the camel are an attempt at illustrating Beersheba’s old city. This may not be a graphic success, but that was the general idea.
    Best regards,
    Naama Eisenbruch

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