My Father is Palestinian From Northern Palestine

I am starting to get more and more uncomfortable with the messages I get from the US President I helped elect. First it was the Cairo speech in which the word ‘Palestine‘ was used in a way that insinuates the discussed state already exists. Apparently the only eyebrows that were raised were mine and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow‘s.

But now the White House has put out a video celebrating Muslim Americans who serve in the U.S. Government. That was all fine and dandy, until I got to the part about Lema Bashir whose father is apparently “Palestinian from Northern Palestine“. Neither the White House nor the State Department thought the wording was inappropriate – on the contrary, courtesy of the State Department who translated this video into 10 languages, you can now choose the captioning to be insulted in:

[singlepic id=223 w=525 h=409 float=center]

Northern Palestine?! Where the hell is that?

2 thoughts on “My Father is Palestinian From Northern Palestine”

  1. North Palestine is like north Israel , it’s just not being used very often now days.
    No reason for you to be upset with Obama about it.

  2. The writing was on the proverbial wall. Obama’s campaign website was well designed but very poorly moderated, secured and managed. You had lunatics of every shade and color sharing conspiracy theories on their MyBO blogs.

    Not only are the Obama administration websites looking the same – So are the administration and the country themselves. Nice exterior but the decision-making is a mess.

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