It’s a Free Trip to Israel – So Why Aren’t You Already Here?

I have written before about Taglit-Birthright Israel       , a beautiful program that sends young Jews from all over the world to visit Israel for the first time for free. Yes, free! There are no strings attached, and no hidden agendas: the goal of the program is posted on its website: “to diminish the growing division between Israel and Jewish communities around the world; to strengthen the sense of solidarity among world Jewry; and to strengthen participants’ personal Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish people.”

I am not sure people need much persuasion to get a free 10 day trip, but if you do you can check out this video, summarizing an evening of solo performances of monologues, spoken word and hip-hop inspired and performed by past participants, and directed by Vanessa Hidary, a.k.a. The Hebrew Mamita, of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam:
Make sure you check out the schedule for upcoming performances.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Free Trip to Israel – So Why Aren’t You Already Here?”

  1. I went on Birthright as a sophomore in college merely because it was a free trip– I would have gone anywhere I could go for free. It introduced me to my husband (through a mutual friend on the trip), brought me drastically closer to Judaism, led me to be active in campus Jewish life, and I made aliyah a year ago (see my blog). Birthright/Taglit is an incredible gift that certainly gets abused, but all I can say is that it changed my life. Thanks for posting this, and I’m glad to discover your blog!

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