Israeli TV Airs Gaza Doctor’s Desperate Pleas

Shooting and crying,
Burning and laughing,
When did we learn how to bury living people?
   – – “Shooting And Crying” – Si Himan (translated from Hebrew)

[singlepic id=130 w=320 h=280 float=right]JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli television broadcast desperate cries for help from a Palestinian doctor on Friday after his children were killed in an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip and troops later helped surviving members of the family.
The telephone calls created extraordinary scenes during evening news broadcasts as the doctor, a Hebrew-speaking physician who spoke regularly on Israeli television, said three of his children were killed in a tank strike and others were wounded.
“My girls were sitting at home planning their futures, talking, then suddenly they are being shelled,” he said in a voice shaking with emotion. “I want to know why they were killed, who gave the order?”
Izz el-Deen Aboul Aish is a gynecologist who worked in one of Israel’s main hospitals before Gazans were effectively sealed off behind an Israeli-led blockade on the Hamas-controlled enclave. He often gave interviews to Channel 10 television.

Reuters story continues here, The Associated Press has a follow-up here.

Video is in Hebrew, but can be understood by anyone now includes English subtitles:

36 thoughts on “Israeli TV Airs Gaza Doctor’s Desperate Pleas”

  1. YouTube does not turn captions on automatically for every country. If you cannot see the subtitles do the following:
    1. Play the video
    2. Click the triangle button at the bottom-right corner of the video
    3. Click the ‘Turn on captions’ button. Note that on YouTube the icon looks like the letters CC – and outside YouTube (on this blog, for instance) it looks like an equal sign.

  2. Thank you very much for the PR you are giving Israel.
    Shame on you.
    You are not part of our people.

    * This comment has been translated from Hebrew by the site administrator.

  3. As human beings, how can the IDF keep on killing innocent people who are very similar to them in thought and ethnicity to compel Hamas to do what Israel orders them to do? The former description is one of state terrorism.
    How can Israelis kill children. Stop. It is madness to doo it and to continue doing it.

  4. SivanTall, if this was really Israeli PR, it would not have aired in the first place. Obviously the television hosts were empathizing with the Israeli-speaking Palestinian doctor, thus speaking on behalf of the tragedy of Palestinians that their own countrymen are commiting. In this case, they are doing their job. There is compassion on both sides of the coin here.

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  6. Fake. Like the majority of the Palestinian acting ‘shows’.
    And this is on a news TV channel. They interview people by mobile phone now? What a joke.

    From the Netherlands by the way.
    Someone who does NOT automatically believe everything that appears on the news.

  7. SivanTall, you give yourself this PR when you bomb children. After this campaign the PR of Israel is completely destroyed.

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  9. Thank you very much for posting and translating this video clip. I hope Israelis and all those who support the war get to see more of this suffering so that they reflect what they let their government do to the Palestinian people.

  10. This is shocking, I am neither Arab or Israeli, but I am a father and I suspect that feels the same whichever race or religion you come from. Aside from the question of right or wrong this is simply not effective……the world needs solutions not retribution which will simply make this world an even more brutal and painful experience for those unfortunate enough to be born in that part of the world. Brutalising people only creates brutal behavior.

  11. when is war people are dying. there is no place for simpaty when is us or them. Israel should not apologize for defending. Arab people should learn to live with Israel. Such news only fire emotions not common sense.

  12. From Australia.

    My grandfather was a part of the contingent that liberated Bergen-Belsen, so I know what the Nazis did. I’ve read his accounts of what he saw there.

    SivanTall, or whatever your real name is: your lack of compassion is like the German citizens who saw nothing. But it’s worse. You do know. That poor man’s daughters were killed by Israeli fire.

    “You are not part of our people.”

    That’s what Hitler said to the Jews, the Romani, the trade unionists, the communists, the homosexual men, the lesbians and the disabled.

    And then tried to exterminate all of them during the Holocaust.

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  14. “When is war people are dying” ….are you serious ? ….these are young children, they have not chosen to go to war, and are not actually engaged in war. They are just civilian children trying to survive. If you think this is your “common sense” then you really need to start interacting with a wider group of people.

    The civilised world has moved to an era where wars are executed within a set of agreed principles, the purpose of which is to avoid ‘non-combatants’ like children (or perhaps your grandmother) from being blown up by senseless soldiers…..that is called ‘genocide’ not ‘war’.

    Israel and it’s people have a right to exist and to live in peace on this earth. The actions of the last few weeks are a very strange calculation of how to get there.

  15. Not fake after all. I just saw the news on TV. Well… it turns out there were shots fired from this building where the children were. This is what Israel says was the reason for attacking the building. I am against the suffering of good civilians in Gaza especially children, but many Palestinians are terrorists or support terrorism. They would sing and dance on the streets when there are (many) deaths in terrorist attacks against Israel or US or what is known as allied targets anywhere in the world. Palestinians support jihad. And right now they are getting a continuous beating and it’s already known they will go on being terrorists.

  16. K, you and people (if they can be called people) of your ilk are the scourge of this earth. The Devil has more honor than scum such as yourself. You are a delusional and a racist bastard. Mentality such as yours is what will destroy Israel and make Jews hated the world over.

  17. Right……..shots were fired from a house compond of a MEDICAL DOCTOR who worked at a ISREAL HOSPITAL helping JEWISH AND ARAB people (till recently when they closed the checkpoints); not only that but he was a known television face having appeared on the news many times. Are we really expected to believe a respected doctor by Israelis and Palestinians would shoot at tanks with his whole family in the house????!!!! Just because he is a Palestinian?? A father watched his children die, a father who raised his children into believing they could have a better life if they worked hard and maybe eventually they would be allowed to live not in the Gaza strip but anywhere they wanted with their Israeli friends….

    It not only saddens me but makes me physically sick that the Israeli government and ignorant people around the world would somehow perpetuate this absurd propaganda.

    A former Jewish cabinet minister within the Israeli government said the same thing…people of Jewish and every faith no this as wrong. The people on the News in Israel…who are Israeli know this is wrong….extremist within the Israeli government are the real terrorist.

    Just like the bombing of the UN in the Gaza strip…right because it doesn’t matter if it’s the red cross, the UN, Catholic nuns, or little children. If you have any sympathy or for that matter happen to be in the Gaza strip you are a terrorist. The joke is that there has been no one act of terrorism done by any of the Palestinian extremist group that has killed more innocent people then the Israeli government.

    Why is it that people are so ignorant to believe that people of the Muslim faith are somehow not members of the human race anymore? How? That is what you are saying if you say that a respected doctor who watched the children he loved and cared for before they could walk, talk or speak, die before him because he hates Israel so much…Oh except for when he is helping them birth their children and working in a hospital right? all because of Islam???

    Wake up people!

    An eye for an eye will make the world blind; so keep thinking all the billions of Muslims in the world are evil and create a world war that will never be won…that is if you want to destroy the human race.

    Or maybe wonder why only 6 Israelis have died and over 1000 Palestinians have died….I thought Hamas was dropping bombs on Israel? Did I mention the Israelis who died were soliders? Why shouldn’t the Palestinians bomb civilian neighborhoods? BECAUSE ITS WRONG!!!!!!

    Take away the checkpoints give money to families Arab or Jewish that have been hurt by this tradgedy and follow it up with government supported therapy on inter-religious conflict and resolution strategies…doesn’t that sound better then what is happening now?

    Everything we do will come back to haunt us; more violence is never the answer…unless you want to have the success of George Bush in Iraq…..

    Wake up and please join the human race….

  18. My dad is from the Shin Bet and he watched your video and was troubled by it. Per his request, I would kindly ask you to remove the video with Shlomi Eldar about the killing of the children in Gaza. The mentioned video causes a grave and long term damage to the image of the state of Israel, and you, an Israeli citizen would be hurt by it in the future.
    Hoping for your understanding.
    Stay healthy, and have a good week.

    * This comment has been translated from Hebrew by the site administrator.

  19. Israel is on the border of civilized world which cannot allow in 21 century to some extremist group to hold them as hostage because of theirs unrealistic and ignorant beliefs! It is wrong to assume that whole world is on the same level of development. Nobody would allow to be eaten by tiger because poor tiger is hungry.
    Here such concern about poor children is similar to protesting about testing drugs on animals and at the same time enjoy full benefits of pharmaceutical industry-in other words hypocrites- if you want to take care of children go to the kindergartens

  20. To Tmanun…. would your father really want the footage to be removed simply because it serves as bad PR for Israel ?

    It is crazy how close this is to the Nazi’s who don’t want films which document the atrocities of the holocaust. This is not a game or a marketing campaign, it is about real lives and real deaths.

    Get off your religion and get on humanity.

    I disagree with many of the things that Islam holds to be true, in fact I almost certainly disagree with more about Islam than I do about judaism, but whatever god you believe in you must understand that such violence and brutality against civilian non-combatants (especially children) is wrong and evil.

    Vlad… clearly do not have children of your own. If you ever do, then I am certain that your perspective will change. You talk about the lives of children like they are expendable pawns in some game of international relations. Being kind I will say that is immature, in truth it is in-humane.

    You cannot demand that people respect you with the threat of brute force. You could do nothing more to convince the jihadists of the righteousness of their path than what your state is doing in your name right now.

    I don’t even understand your analogy about ‘animal testing’….although it is clearly in poor taste. If you are saying that ‘I’, the alleged hypocrite, am in some way benefitting from the fruits of this war, while denigrating the inevitable cost then you are even more crazy than I thought.

    I live in the relative comfort of London and enjoy the respect and friendship of many Jews and Muslims. This protracted war does nothing but make the world I live in more divided, dangerous and full of pain.

    Perhaps you might be of the opinion that you are “enjoying the full benefits” of this campaign……..but then again, maybe you have never had the privilege of living without a 40 ft concrete wall for protection.

    I don’t hate you, but I do hate the actions that your attitude dictates. Clearly this is not a constructive or sustainable way forward… is stupid and doesn’t come from a love of humanity, which is a quality I find in abundance in the jews that I know and love.

    I pity you all.

  21. I am, thankfully, very remote from this conflict but I am very disturbed by it. I live in Liverpool a city once divided by religion with annual parades similar to those in Northern Ireland. I do not believe it is right for people to treat anyone not of their faith/colour etc as some creature who can be killed in the name of some god or other (yes I know you think yours is the one true one…). Lacking your birthright I’m afraid I am a mongrel British person with no particular claim to being one of God’s chosen few so my opinion can easily be ignored. I did for much of my 58 years believe that after the holocaust it was fair and the right thing to do to help the Jewish people to create a homeland. NOW I AM NOT SO SURE. Do you deserve this? The creation of such a state was such an imposition on the people who have lived there for the last 2000 years (long before my ancestors came to the “UK”) but I did believe it was right. Now I see you bombing maiming and killing those people and shoting their children in cold blood instead of reimbursing them for their losses. You are a rich and I thought well educated nation. I believed that you would behave, as with most affluent well educated people I have met, with compassion and understanding. You give me cause to believe you are the ones who want to eradicate the other nation and in doing so I wonder if you derserve a place in a set of beings collectively called “Humanity”. There MUST be another way……

  22. Dear Bill,
    I’m reading the comments and I’ve seen the broadcast and like any human being, even those that ridiculously enough, claim this is bad PR, I’m deeply disturbed and sad by it. War is a horrible horrible horrible thing and I cant emphasize that enough.
    I’ve read your comment more closely then the ones prior just because I’m a British citizen like yourself and I am amazed over an over again by the lack of knowledge amongst our country men.
    The Jews did not “impose” on the people who have lived there for the last 2000 years simply because there were no people to impose on. The Jews that came from Europe in the beginning of the 19th century entered a barren land, a deserted desert and turned it into the blossom it is today. Read Mark Twain. The mix up is very common due to Arab propaganda. It is the Jews who existed in the region long before any Palestinian nation was created 80 years ago. Its the Jews who have lived in that land for the last 3000 odd years. but this comment is not about teaching history. it’s about understanding.
    Not all Muslims are terrorists. that is pure racism. most of them are not. most of them want peace like Christians, Buddhists and Jews. The vast majority wants the same things and has the same dreams like you and I. but unfortunately for them, they are the silent majority. When Hamas was elected in Gaza with propaganda to destroy anything that is western and free, the silent majority said nothing. When Hamas shot missiles for 7(!) years on Israeli population while Israel didn’t react because of the density of the the civilian population from where the rockets were shot from, The silent Majority said nothing. Even when Israel was attacked again and again and again by suicide bombers who killed more then 500 civilians, women and children, the silent majority said nothing. It is sad that when Israel is finely and rightfully reacting, while Hamas is using its own citizens as Human shields, the silent majority still says nothing.
    People compare what Israel is doing to what the Nazis did. this is absurd. The Nazis went against their own citizens because of their race. Israel is shooting hostiles that unfortunately hide behind their own. There is no comparison not even the slightest. I’ve been to the Gaza strip with an exhibition and to be honest, with the density of that place, I’m amazed only 1300 were killed. My belief is that is due to the efforts of Israel to try and cause the minimum casualties possible. their death is tragic – yes. their death is horrible and unnecessary and horrific but you are barking under the wrong tree. It is the Hamas who should stand the justice and the wrath of the world on what they are doing, manipulating deaths of innocent people. You and me and most of Europe will soon face the same dilemma like Israel is facing as we are part of the silent majority. The Jihad is growing freely among us, using our birth right freedom, which was achieved through centuries of blood shed by our ancestors to destroy it by the same tools we developed it with. We say and do nothing and we believe in a better world. but my dear Bill, the sooner we understand that it is Israel that is standing in the front line and it is Israel which is fighting our war to protect our freedom, the better for our children and grandchildren.

  23. Jake, do you have any sources to back up your claims about Palestine being an empty desert, aside from Mark Twain (who was, after all, a fiction writer)? Or is this just something you believe because you have been told so over and over and over again by your elders? I am genuinely curious. I’d like to see some sources, if possible, please.

  24. Hi fruit_loopz. There are loads of travelers from that time all describing exactly what Mark Twain wrote in his travel journal. One of the famous ones was Tristram. You will be able to read his Journal, which I seriously recommend, in: “The Land of Israel: A Journal of Travel in Palestine” (1882 edition). Another source which may be used with caution to back up what I wrote would be the Demographic reports and head counts executed by the Ottoman empire who ruled the area until 1918 when it was occupied by the English. Even though the data exists, it is very hard to use those sources to fully back up any conclusion due to the corruption of the Ottoman empire. (Please refer to: that is why the only real sources that can be used in a historical perspective are travelers journals – such as Mark twains and Tristram who all describe the same thing.
    Hope that answers your question.

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