Google: This Site May Harm Your Computer – And This One… And This One Also…

Worlds are colliding! In the freakiest bug I have witnessed so far, every search result on Google (as of the time of this posting) is now tagged with the ‘This site may harm your computer‘ warning, even when you google the term ‘Google’:
[singlepic id=140 w=525 h=525]
If you are brave enough to click a result you get the even more frightening ‘Malware Warning‘ page:
[singlepic id=138 w=525 h=525]
This even happens when you use your local site, in my case:
[singlepic id=139 w=525 h=525]

Update: At 15:36 GMT, almost an hour after I first noticed it, the glitch was fixed.
The impact: an estimated 17 million search results affected, an undetermined number of people bumfuzzled, and as of now 361 now 1738 people blogged about it (including TechCrunch and me).
Update 2: Google admits its fault, attributing it to human error and puts the duration of the mayhem closer to my estimate of “almost an hour”, than TechCrunch’s “about 15 minutes”.

I should emphasize this incident is not some cute thing that happened. This event has repercussions we have yet to understood. This event will be studied and articles will be written about it. Just like when all the airplanes were grounded in the days after 9/11, which allowed scientists to test the true nature of our climate without the effect of vapour trails, tests that were not possible since the time the commercial jet was invented – so will this event be analyzed to determine what happens the day the Internet breaks, including but not limited to the financial impact on the web economy.

The Elegance of the New and the Mourning of the Old

I have never heard of Oren Lavie        , nor his song titled Her Morning Elegance, until today. Both of them came to my attention hours ago when the music video for the song climbed to the top of - 2009-01-27

Oren Lavie sounded like an Israeli name and so I was somewhat intrigued as I could not recall an Israeli video that ever went viral. Sure enough, it turns out that Lavie, an unknown Israeli singer, took a giant step towards fame by releasing a stop motion video last week. Within that short period of time, the video has been viewed almost 400,000 times, and was blogged about 1500 times (now 1501). Have a look-see:

Now, I know it is quite easy to dismiss this as one of the many viral videos that enter and exit our screens every week, but I think this is much more than that:
We live in an exciting period of time when new business models are developed and adopted right in front of our eyes and the very nature of art and commerce is evolving. Not everyone is excited about it, though: like the Luddites who destroyed mechanized looms in the early nineteenth century trying to resist the inevitability of the Industrial Revolution, the music industry had spent a decade trying to convince people that there is nothing wrong with the old business models and that sharing music is a crime. When everyone around you is committing an illegal act, including the kid next door and his father the policeman, it is quite difficult to treat piracy like the trouble it is made out to be. Home cooking is not killing the restaurant industry, and home taping is not killing the music industry – it didn’t during the 1980’s when cassettes were used, and it is not killing it nowadays when peer-to-peer file sharing protocols are in use. In ten to twenty years, we would wonder what the fuss was all about, and would find it hard to believe that artists stubbornly refused to adopt new technologies, new ways of communicating and new ways of earning a living.
Allowing people to download your music for free? Of course! How else did you plan to make money?

Fill up your dosage of free culture here and here.

Standing Against A Tide of Hatred

[…] I watch the pro-Palestinian rallies that have been staged in capitals across the globe, and I try to tell myself that these people are not against me, or even Israel; that they just are dismayed with all the violence. I tell myself, as Jean Renoir pointed out with such pellucid irony in The Rules of the Game, that everybody has their reasons. But here is what I finally know: with all the troubles in the world, with the terrible things that the Chinese do in Tibet, and do to their own citizens; with the horrors of genocide committed in Darfur by Sudanese Muslims; with all the bad things that Arab governments in the Middle East visit upon their own people – no need for Israel to have a perfectly horrible time – still, the focus is on what the Jews may or may not be doing wrong in Gaza. And it makes people angry and vehement as nothing else does. The vitriol it inspires is downright weird. But that makes sense, because antisemitism itself – creepy, dark, ancient and insidious – is, more than anything else, just plain weird.
   – – “Standing Against A Tide of Hatred” – Elizabeth Wurtzel, January 16, 2009

Read this article in its entirety here.

Maggi, Pierce And E.J. – Linda’s Red Button

Artist: Maggi, Pierce And E.J.
Track: Linda’s Red Button
Album: The Red Album
Genre: Folk Rock / Soul / Indie
Label: EMPrecords
Release Date: 1998
Maggi, Pierce And E.J. - The Red Album - 1998

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Buy this MP3 track or buy the entire album.

Maggi, Pierce And E.J. aka MPE Band – Linda’s Red Button – lyrics

Sittin’ here in Linda’s bed
Tryin to listen to the things inside my head

I was gonna write a song
But I turned the TV on instead
Woke up with some ideas
Went down to make some tea
I had no strength I just had to see

Any creativity
That was once inside of me
Is now sucked away by MTV,
VH1, HBO, CNN, Cinemax
My brain melts like wax

I know it would have been a hit
If I’d have gotten down to it
But no, instead I know
That my role model’s queer
The trial’s nowhere near
Moe Lester’s skin is clear
The world will end this year

If all that matters is untrue
Hey what does this red button do?
I don’t have a clue

I was gonna write a song
But I turned the TV on instead

Sittin’ here in Linda’s bed
Tryin to listen to the things inside my head

Oh No You Di-int! – Berlitz Language School Rips Off My Obama Graphics

Trying to cash in on Obama’s cachet, a new print ad for the Israeli branch of Berlitz was just released – and it is litigiously similar to the ad I designed back in July 2008. Let’s compare:

[singlepic id=92 w=250 h=368] [singlepic id=136 w=250 h=368]
Copywriter: Shahar Golan Advertising Agency: Grey, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Yonatan Stirin
Creative Director: Moti Rubinstein
Copywriter: Uri Shoham
Art Director: Karin Gross
Account Manager: Dani Brande
Account Supervisor: Noa Heinemann
Account Executive: Mor Gluska


Here are a few relevant comments from the I Believe in Advertising blog:

ahoovi said on January 22, 2009 @ 10:55 am:

another great *copy* from the adler/grey/copyhouse…
it was actually used at the obama campaign –
in shirts:
and in posters:
apparently all you need to be an absolutely brilliant copywriter is to use google…

uri said on January 22, 2009 @ 2:28 pm:

Dear ahoovi,
As the copywriter of this ad, I can assure you that I thought about the idea by myself. I didn’t use Google, as you did. Further more, the creative was to use the phrase in the right context.
The question is that- can we believe that two human minds might think about the same idea?
Yes we… you know what? its not important if you believe me or not.
Keep on the Google work.
Uri & Karin

Rich said on January 22, 2009 @ 4:28 pm:

Ouch. Copycat spoted.

Israeli Film ‘Waltz with Bashir’ Nominated For An Academy Award

After winning numerous awards including a Golden Globe, Ari Folman’s documation ‘Waltz with Bashir’ has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Minutes ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made its announcement for the 81st Academy Awards ceremony, that will be held exactly one month from today, on February 22, 2009, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Waltz with Bashir Nominated For An Oscar

Obama Sworn In, In Jerusalem They Also Cheered L’Chaim

There is a new leader of the free world, and new additions to my Sightings-of-the-Hebrew-Obama-Posters-I-Designed scrapbook. This is today’s front page of, the online edition of Israel’s leading newspaper:

Obama Inauguration Event in Jerusalem - January 20, 2009 | [singlepic id=134 w=160 h=400]

You can check out the short video (in Hebrew) here.

Following is an Associated Press photo, as it appeared in the Los Angeles Times website:
[singlepic id=135 w=520 h=544]

Democrats Abroad-Israel posted loads of photos from the inaugural event in Jerusalem – in many of them my poster is lurking, like so:
Democrats Abroad-Israel's inaugural event, Jerusalem, Israel, 2009-01-20

And last, this is my Hebrew Obama poster as it briefly appeared on one of my favorite shows, The Colbert Report, on its Un-American News segment – President Obama Edition:
A frame from The Colbert Report, 2009-01-22
The yellow circle was added by me.

Where in Israel Can I Celebrate Obama’s Inauguration?

In the spirit of true bipartisanship, Democrats Abroad-Israel through the tireless efforts of its Jerusalem branch, is hosting an Inaugural Event.

What: Obama’s Presidential Inauguration Event
When: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 – doors open at 5:30pm IST, actual inauguration ceremony and address will be viewed live on screen at 7pm IST
Where: Zollis Pub, 5 Rivlin Street, Nahalat Shiva, Jerusalem, Israel.
Who: Democrats, Republicans, Independents and their friends
How much: NIS 65 per person. Entrance fee includes Kosher dinner and beverage, snacks, music and lots of fun!
Why: Because we needed a Mentch in the White House and tomorrow we will have one.

Efrat from DA-Israel just informed me that it is getting more and more likely that they will reach their capacity, so RSVP now by email or take your chances and just show up.

Hebrew Obama Poster: CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN |

Hebrew Obama Poster: YES OUI KEN |

Hebrew Obama Poster: YES OUI KEN |

Optimism, Revisited – or – Do People Still Get Married?

I recently finished upgrading the design of If you ever need an honest artistic wedding photographer in Israel, look no further. Make sure you check out the revamped website, if not for the Jewish weddings photos – then for the gay Jewish wedding photos:

Official Website of Studio IG Photography |

Other samples of my web work can be found here.

The T-Mobile Dance: When Frozen Grand Central Meets Evolution of Dance

Since traditional advertising ceases to be effective, I am afraid the future is made out of quote-unquote guerrilla marketing like this T-Mobile ad just shot on London Liverpool Street railway station. The war over mind share rages on and in the very near future it would be impossible to leave your home without stumbling into an advertisement, and most of the time you won’t even know you’re in one.

It is a loathsome, offensive ad. Yet I can’t look away:

Check out T-Mobile’s Life’s for Sharing YouTube channel for prep videos.