President Barack Hussein Obama II

It is quite remarkable how something as trivial as a person’s middle name can be used as a source of shame one day, and as a source of pride the next day. Many people much smarter than me will write about the day in history when the citizens of the US grew up, and for the first time in a long time chose the most qualified person for the highest office in the land.

As someone who is not a US citizen and could not vote in the elections, I can still say I have done my part, however small, and proudly announce that I helped elect Barack Obama. Like millions of others, I, too, was inspired by the man and the campaign he ran. The Hebrew graphics I designed were viewed thousands of times and the files I made available were downloaded hundreds and hundreds of times.

Here’s today’s front page of the Huffington Post:
[singlepic id=99 w=500 h=438 float=center]

Back in February 2008, my original post was first called “We Need a Mentch in the White House”. One year later, in January 2009, I would be able to proudly proclaim: We Have a Mentch in the White House!

Hebrew Obama Poster: CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN |

Hebrew Obama Poster: YES OUI KEN |

Hebrew Obama Poster: YES OUI KEN |

Thanks to Tony Jassen, an Obama supporter from Jerusalem, who brought the photo to my attention:

Shahar –
Once again I can’t say thank you enough for the graphic and letting us use it.
As you can see, we have made a difference. […]
[The photo] was taken at Mike’s Place Jerusalem at an election watch party sponsored by Democrats Abroad – Israel and attended by us, Israelis for Obama, among others. There were about 50 or so people there all night, mostly college students, watching the results. The picture was taken, if I am not mistaken, among celebrations of the first moments when the final results came in.

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