Renditions: Saigon Execution – Eddie Adams, Vietnam, 1968

[singlepic id=181 w=525 h=525 float=center]Eddie Adams – Saigon Executionphotograph – 1968 – Vietnam

[singlepic id=85 w=525 h=525 float=center]Henry VIII’s WivesIconic Moments of the 20th Centuryphotograph – 2007 – UK

[singlepic id=80 w=525 h=525 float=center]Mark DaughheteeHosedphotograph – 2004 – USA

[singlepic id=81 w=525 h=525 float=center]Borf BrigadeThe Consolation of Ruin – 2007 – USA

[singlepic id=79 w=525 h=525 float=center]Mike Stimpsonphotograph – 2007 – UK

[singlepic id=77 w=525 h=525 float=center]Xiang Jing – Bang!sculpture – 2002 – China

[singlepic id=82 w=525 h=525 float=center]Amnesty International – print – 2005 – New Zealand

[singlepic id=83 w=525 h=525 float=center]Dolk Lundgren – Weed Killergraffiti – 2008 – Norway

[singlepic id=84 w=525 h=525 float=center]Franck Réthorépainting – 2007 – France

[singlepic id=100 w=525 h=525 float=center]Kenyon BajusExecutionprint – 2004 – USA

[singlepic id=87 w=525 h=525 float=center]Krista WortendykeIconic Recallprint – USA


  • The original photo received the Pulitzer Prize for ‘Spot News Photography’ in 1969 under the name ‘Saigon Execution’. Nowadays it is often captioned as ‘General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon’.
  • For such an iconic photo and a well documented event, it is surprising that so many people cannot eloquently explain the context of this image, summarizing it to ‘a bad guy killing a good guy’. Please take a moment to learn more about the incident by clicking here and here.
  • If you are aware of additional artworks derived from the original photo, please send details and links by leaving a comment or sending an email.
  • If you enjoyed this post, please make sure you check back in a month or so, as additional artworks will be added.

The following was added after this post was first published.

[singlepic id=168 w=525 h=525 float=center]miniplimanprint – 2009 – Germany

[singlepic id=244 w=525 h=621 float=center]Liu JinNews – Wangfujingphotograph – 2001 – China

[singlepic id=292 w=525 h=525 float=center]Olivier BlanckartThe Remix Saigon (After Eddie Adams)sculpture – 1997 – France

[singlepic id=298 w=525 h=525 float=center]LocustMural For Clarion Alleymural – 2011 – USA

[singlepic id=302 w=525 h=525 float=center]Yasumasa MorimuraA Requiem: Vietnam War, 1968-1991photograph – 1991 – Japan

[singlepic id=301 w=525 h=525 float=center]Manit SriwanichpoomThis Bloodless War No. 2photograph – 1997 – Thailand

[singlepic id=303 w=525 h=525 float=center]Kevin Hagedorn and Amro JayousiObama’s War is a Crimeperformance art – 2010 – USA

[singlepic id=305 w=525 h=525 float=center]Vik MunizMemory Rendering of Saigon Executionphotograph – 1990 – USA

[singlepic id=306 w=525 h=525 float=center]Mark YoungDave Stewart’s Vietnam Execution Tributephotograph – USA

[singlepic id=307 w=525 h=525 float=center]Johnny de BrestVladraculphotograph – 1995 – Germany

[singlepic id=308 w=525 h=525 float=center]Carlos LatuffThe Coca-Cola Seriesphotograph – 2003 – Brazil

[singlepic id=309 w=525 h=525 float=center]Dinh Q. LêUntitled (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) from ‘From Vietnam to Hollywood’ – tapestry – 2003 – USA

[singlepic id=310 w=525 h=525 float=center]Karen OstromThe Execution from The Gun Series – photograph – 2005 – USA

[singlepic id=328 w=525 h=525 float=center]Pavel Maria Smejkal – from the Fatescapes series – print – 2009 – Slovakia

[singlepic id=311 w=525 h=525 float=center]Sanna DullawayPast in Colourprint – 2011 – Sweden

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire - 1989 - USABilly JoelWe Didn’t Start The Firemusic video – 1989 – USA

The following work precedes Adams’ photo:

[singlepic id=304 w=525 h=525 float=center]Esther BubleySmall Boys Watching the Woodrow Wilson High School Cadetsphotograph – 1943 – USA

26 thoughts on “Renditions: Saigon Execution – Eddie Adams, Vietnam, 1968”

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  3. I had the pleasure of listening to Eddie Adams speak in Chicago once. He presented the entire series of photos, leading up to and following this execution. What the MSM did NOT tell was that the man being executed was a VC Lieutenant who had just murdered a Saigon police officer. Considering the politics of the time, the execution was not inappropriate. But the MSM went after the policeman with a vengeance, attempting to impose THEIR version of morality on the situation, and ignoring the horrendous crime the person being executed had committed. Worse, the MSM followed the Saigon police officer when he arrived in America after the war, and made it virtually impossible for him to find work – or peace! When you learn the FULL story behind this one picture, it changes the perception of who is the criminal and who is the victim. It also shows just how vindictive and vengeful the MSM can be.

  4. Funny how detached your comments are, I was born during this period, not too far from this event, in this country and lost my entire family to this war. Try empathizing with the subjects of the “art” you so much love criticing. I do agree however with DaveD’s opinion on the circumstances behind this photo.

  5. Killing is always ugly. People who live nice little quiet lives will never understand warfare and the essence of the politics of violence. The rounding up of policemen, politicians and teachers and mass graves discovered in the days following TET outside of Hue, Saigon and across the areas breifly occupied by the V.C. and NVA units tell us all we need to know about why this summary execution took place. The critics are the same idiots the say things like “why didn’t the cops at Ft Hood shoot him in the leg” and had the passengers of a WTC jet killed a hijacker would have screamed about the hijackers rights.These people put us all in danger

  6. This Site and Art here is disgusting.. no value for the soul that was murdered and pathetic portrayal of such a sad event.. i hope Karma kicked all your asses.. if not it will..

  7. Yesterday I googled “Saigon” to brush up on my knowledge of the place before meeting up with an old friend who had just traveled there. Eddie Adams’s image came up and, recognizing it, I started reading more about it. I soon found myself on your blog and this page of renditions. A couple hours later I was walking down Clarion Alley in San Francisco showing my friend this street of murals and, lo and behold, came across a painting of that iconic image. Thought it was too coincidental not to follow your instructions to send you any renditions us readers find out here. So here you are! All the best, Meghan in San Francisco

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