Separated Twins: Samsung Z240 And Tami4 Water Dispenser

I was ruffling through a mobile phones catalogue I got in the mail, appreciating all the glistening new models and thinking my own device is on his proverbial deathbed, when I recognized a Tami4 water dispenser within dozens of harmless looking cellphones. You see, Tami4 is a popular Israeli brand that can filter your drinking water, chill it and even heat it, but it has only one flaw: it has absolutely zero phone transmitting capabilities. Upon closer examination, I found out the water dispenser I was looking at was actually a Samsung Z240 cell phone, but it sure looks like the two are related, even if one is in better shape than the other:

[singlepic id=71 w=525 h=357 float=center]
Tami4 – a popular Israeli water dispenser.
Samsung Z240 – a popular Korean cellphone.

2 thoughts on “Separated Twins: Samsung Z240 And Tami4 Water Dispenser”

  1. I’m an brasilian businesman cooperator of some companies, and, when I was searhingI product in the internet, I saw your beautifull water dispenser, that is the great set to purify the drinking water, and sweep an horribel healt problem. Then I like to represent your company here in Brasil, and I have a certainty that will be a great sell show..
    So, I ask you to consider my intention, and tell me about the possibility of my proposition.
    My best regard
    Odecio Cantadori

  2. Hi Shahar

    I laughed out loud when I saw your blog post. I was Googling Tami4 to see how popular the brand is worldwide and found this witty comparison with the Samsung Z240. Thank you for raising a smile on the other side of the world.


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