In Front of You a Photo of a Rapist and a Murderer

For more than two years now, Israeli blogger Skinless       (Miki Resilevski, 24) has been eloquently describing her chaotic existence as a survivor of incest. Like many other victims of abuse, she chose to protect her abuser, her own father, and not reveal his real name or picture.

Until today.

A couple of hours ago Skinless posted this photo along with this post, translated from Hebrew for your benefit:

In Front of You a Photo of a Rapist and a Murderer

[singlepic id=67 w=450 h=355 float=center]
Rapist, abuser, dictator, sadist, terrorist, murderer

In that place, on that green sofa, at the very spot where this photo was taken, he raped me for the first time. There it all began. There he started abusing me, there he vandalized my flesh and my soul. There he tormented me without end, and still does. The face is of a monster, a pathetic creature that made my life miserable, a worm eating me up and does not stop.

And today – today I say – Enough. No more. Here is his face. A face I kept hidden in a sickening loyalty. I will not be silent any more, will not sew my lips that seek to shout to the skies. I will not hide – for not I am the sinner. For they shall see, and shall fear, for we shall scream our cry, the stifled wailing and the trembling body, the choked up throat and the throbbing pulse. We, the victims of sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse. The victims of fear, horror and terror. No more.

And if you happen to see his despicable face on the street – spit on it.

I am free. Almost.

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