What I Hate About American Political Correctness

PC is great! I really love it! Replacing pejorative terms with neutral ones makes a lot of sense and I even think it takes quite a bit of courage. Just this week, the hearing impaired parents of a fallen Israeli soldier were called deaf-mutes by the Israeli media, even by TV channels that featured interviews in which the so-called mute father spoke coherently about his loss.

What I hate about American Political Correctness is the notion that anything bad one might say can be taken back by an apology. Made a catastrophic faux pas? No worries! As long as you are on US soil you can just apologize and move on. Forgiveness is automatic.

Recently, Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern gave a speech in which she expressed her anti-gay beliefs. After the speech was secretly recorded and made public, The Cimarron Alliance, a local LGBT group asked Speaker of the House that she be censured if she does not apologize. I completely understand the request for a censure, but what use would an apology make? Anyone who listens to her speech can appreciate how articulate her hatred is, and how she firmly believes homosexuality is “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam”. It is quite possible that public pressure will force her to apologize in a day or two, but what good does an apology do when it comes from someone who thinks gays “want to get our young children into the government schools so they can indoctrinate them”.

There are now claims that Rep. Kern is the not-so-proud mother of a gay son named Jesse. Yes, it is a worn out cliché and it should not make a difference, but it needs to be pointed out. Mysteriously, her official bio page was very recently changed and now does not mention any of her children:

Before (March 4, 2008) After (March 13, 2008)
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2 thoughts on “What I Hate About American Political Correctness”

  1. I hate political corectness it is the neo nazi-ism of our time
    If someone does not agree with homosexuality they labelled as a hater
    get over yourselves

  2. I am so sick of political corectness, its killing free speech, if you disagree with liberalism you are bullied, if you dont want to save the planet from co2 you are horrible, if you dont grant gays marriage you are a biggot! If you make fun of arabs or mexicans you have to apologize… it makes me want to go back and live in brazil where its okay to be a conservative even though there are many liberals, im a democrat, voted for obama, but hardcore liberals are going to implode this great country we call america! I want a politiacal enviroment, that makes it okay to say that america is the greatest country in the world, i want it to be okay to be a nationalist!!!
    believe me its so hard to get a girlfriend if you are a 19yr old conservative democrat…lol

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