I Held My Breath, Everything Is Perfect Now

[singlepic id=44 w=300 h=240 float=right]This week’s episode of The L Word (509: Liquid Heat), ended with an amazing sequence that cross-cut the characters during a heat wave power blackout. The intensity of the erotic ending was greatly enhanced with music by Freezepop    , an American synthpop band, whose song ‘Swimming Pool’ is by far the most moving piece of music I have heard in years.

Have a listen:

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Freezepop – Swimming Pool – lyrics

Buy this MP3 track or buy the entire album.

Late at night, the air was cool
We snuck into the swimming pool
You dove headfirst, I waded in
The scent of chlorine upon our skin

The stars were bright, the water clear
I felt your heat as you swam near
I held my breath, you held my hand
Moving away, further from land
The moon was full, everything blue
The water stilled, reflecting you
Floating right here with you next to me
Gazing at stars, we drift silently

Late at night, the air was cool
We snuck into the swimming pool
I went under and you followed
Let’s not think about tomorrow

Everything is perfect now (x8)

Everything is perfect now – I held my breath
Everything is perfect now – You held my hand
Everything is perfect now – Moving away
Everything is perfect now – Further from land
Everything is perfect now – The stars were bright
Everything is perfect now – The water clear
Everything is perfect now – I felt your heat
Everything is perfect now – As you swam near

Everything is perfect now (x4)

This track is from Freezepop’s ‘Future Future Future Perfect’ album. You can buy this MP3 track or buy the entire album.

8 thoughts on “I Held My Breath, Everything Is Perfect Now”

  1. Thank you for blogging about this song and the end sequence from the L Word. That was one of the best ending sequences in TV and movies that I have seen. The movie Crash had a similar type ending with the song “In the Deep”, by Bird York (Kathleen York). Great music to great moving picture.

  2. beutiful song truely something uniqueand I love the way the music comes to a stop in the middleI agree with shy definitely a new wave where can I get the cd

  3. @Isobel:
    I know what you mean, and you are not the only one playing this amazing song over and over.
    This particular audio file has been played hundreds of times on my blog – more than any other file I have posted.

    Thanks for your comment.

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