Inspired by Will.i.am’s video and the Yes We Ken Girl, as well as being moved daily by Obama’s rhetoric and promise of a better America and vicariously a better world, I thought I would do my part: Following is an Obama poster I translated to Hebrew. It is my first creation for the campaign, and I am thinking about making a Hebrew video as well. We’ll see…

[singlepic id=18 w=450 h=693 float=center]

Click here to download a Zip file containing a print-size JPG and PSD.

– Use the graphics in any way you see fit, as long as it is not for financial gain, and as long as it gets Obama elected.
– You can use CafePress, Zazzle, or similar online printing services to print merchandize for you and your friends, as long as you do not set up a public shop.
– If you have used the graphics online or printed it and held it in an Obama rally, it would be nice if you could send some photos and share the joy.
– Feel free to link directly to the original post on my blog, but do not link directly to the files.

Make sure you check out my other design:
Hebrew Obama Poster: YES OUI KEN | frgdr.com

I will elaborate a bit on my artistic decisions: Translating ‘change we can believe in’ proved to be somewhat of a challenge, as the Hebrew word for ‘we can’ (NUCHAL, נוכל) is the exact one for ‘crook’ (NOCHEL, נוכל). In this age of Rovean politics, even a hint of such subliminal connections can be bad – remember the 2000 Democrats/rats ad by the Bush campaign? For that reason I chose wording which loosely translates to ‘change that can be believed in’, which has the added benefit of being misread as something like ‘Change, you can believe in him’. Since Hebrew uses a different Alphabet altogether, I could not use the original fonts. These are the closest I could find:

The original English PDF was downloaded from here, now here.

Update: This post was originally titled ‘We Need a Mentch in the White House‘, but was renamed upon releasing my second Hebrew Obama poster.

20 thoughts on “Hebrew Obama Poster: CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”

  1. One problem is that Shinui is the name of a political party in Israel already, so this is kind of misleading. Why not make one with ‘Ken, anu yecholim’ ?

  2. Hey Alexander!

    I would not go as far as to say using the word Shinui is misleading. Before Shinui was a political party in Israel, it was a word in Hebrew, and since change is such a crucial part of the Obama slogans and ideas, I thought I would put it on a poster aimed at Jewish US citizens.

    Ken, anu yecholim is a good idea for my next Obama Hebrew poster. I will post it as soon as it’s ready.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. You are… lacking in understanding of the bigger picture. Obama will be bad for Israel. If that be the will of God, so be it. But I will not vote for him.

  4. … Obama’s friends all hate Israel.

    Please see HERE* AND HERE* AND HERE*

    Please reconsider your support for him. He is bad for America and bad for Israel.

    Here* is the complete 411 on Obama, at least it’s the most complete, and up to date list of his terrorist friends that I could find.

    Please read carefully, and don’t take my word for it, but investigate, …also carefull.


    * Comment edited, links removed at the discretion of the site administrator

  5. Shalom Mr. ‘I hate…’

    There are legitimate reasons why a voter may choose not to vote for Obama, especially if the voter is a republican.
    There is no need to stoop to futile attempts of linking the senator to terrorists/communists, as that is trully beneath us.

    I have chosen to publish your comment on my blog.
    I have, however, redacted the links you provided after following your advice and investigating the pseudo-facts they provide.
    Readers of my blog may Google ‘Obama + terrorist’ if they would like to read more on the subject.

    Thanks for your comment.

  6. “‘There is no need to stoop to futile attempts of linking the senator to terrorists/communists, as that is trully beneath us”

    “Stooping” to the use of factual information is “beneath” you???

    Those are his actual and “factual”, not “pseudo”, friends and associates. That is his actual and “factual”, not “pseudo” history.

    “Linking” Obama to his past actions, and to those with whom he identifies idiologically, is the only way we have to get some idea of what to expect in the future. His words, if inconsistant with that reality, demand explanation.

    It may be “futile” for me to attempt to get you to see the truth about him, but that doesn’t make if false.

    Thanks for at least posting my comment, even though you deprive others of the opportunity to judge the information for themselves by your censorship.


    p.s. – If the truth is “beneath” you, then you are upside down.
    p.p.s. – Nice graphics, btw, even though I think your talent is wasted on that subject.

  7. This one that you call Mr. Hate may be on the extreme with his views. But there is a basis for his/her views. I am also alarmed by the things I see beneath the surface, though I have a more moderate understanding. I submit this: Obama is acting the part now… a hard act to fool the majority of Americans to vote for him. Look at the man as he really his – that would be the man prior to him running for office.

    But… I suspect that you are an Obama supporter that wears the mask of a real Jew attempting to gather a few votes by taking advantage of those that may be unaware of the truth. Obviously, you do not know the depth of Black Liberation Theology and how they think that modern day Jews are Khazars that have stolen Israelite identity – and that is just the tip of the iceburg!

    Are you really Jewish?

  8. The maker of this blogspot only objective is to provide some imagery for the Obama campaign. Have a nice picture and a few choice words, then just wait for the bots to crawl the space. Next thing you know, the image is all over the search engines/Internet attached to the choosen key words. They understand that most people will not read anything beyond the image. So, this way it appears that Obama has a huge Jewish following, though he actually does not. This is merely a way to fool the ingnorant. Hopefully, there are not enough of those to put this guy in office. He will be bad, bad, bad for USA and the Israel.

    Amazing, the Obama campaign has used this tactic on many, many fronts.

  9. This is a sad example of a dictatorship as you are not letting people see all the options. If were really for obama then you would do as he says “I will not take any options off the table” honesty we live in a country where people CHOSE the person that leads them based on the knowage they have on the person by weighting the pros and cons. By removing those links you have inadvertly made many people NOT vote for obama. Thus hurting Obama more than helping him. I find it funny that im saying this since im voting for McCain since he has put his life on the line for the country and lost a lot of usfullness in his arm because of it. Obama’s history is hidden to the general public and this is a further case of it. Speaking of history it is redundent that he is slaming McCain’s VP’s kid for having a child since that HE was born with unwed parents. Also, sady IF he were to win the election he WOULD mostlikey get killed. Since there was an attemt in Central america. I think that the KKK would mostlikey try it. Don’t get me wrong I dont want him dead or hurt. I’m just saying that IF he was to get elected the chances are even slimer of him living a full term than McCain. Also by the way by removing those links you have violated the 1st amendemnt of the bill of rights and there by dissgrased the founding princeaple of what this country was founded on! By not letting others say what they think and know is not only hatefull but downright illeagal as you are taking away someones natural born right. Also as others have stated Obama is not hebrew. On top of that arablic and herbew are two seperet things I should know since im learning it.

    Shukran, (arablic for thanks)

  10. I wish some of your critics understood so-called “Christian Zionism,” which is not zionism at all but an apocalyptic death wish for the State of Israel & Jews based upon certain literalist views of Christian scripture. Many Jews believe they can control these fundamentalist Christians. After 2000 years, really, that’s maintaining quite a delusion.

  11. Since “ken anachnu yecholim,” doesn’t work, you might try “ken b’yadeinu.” I think it’s closer to the intent of “Yes, We Can” in the sense that it conveys both the ability & the commitment to change. (Thanks to Abner Mikva, who first mentioned this translation.)

  12. Some points-

    Gundam288 said: “im voting for McCain since he has put his life on the line for the country”

    Picking up a gun in any situation is the most cowardly thing anyone can do. I would never vote for anyone who thought that pulling the trigger on someone’s life is the answer to a problem. Self-defense is no excuse, either. Why should we become murderers to protect ourselves from being murdered? Should we become our own worst enemy? McCain is not a hero. McCain is an adulterous, warmongering coward bereft of your self-righteous right wing “morals.” Another point for anyone who is familiar with the ten commandments–“Thou shall not kill.” I don’t subscribe to a religion but for the religious people out there, I don’t think that was a ‘suggestion.’

    I hate said: “[Obama] is bad for America and bad for Israel.”

    Since my family (and most American families) do not make more than $250,000, we will all receive tax cuts under Obama which will allow the middle class to grow and spend money to fuel the economy. McCain on the other hand denies tax cuts to, for example, a 70-year-old widow making $35,000 but gives Exxon Mobil $1.2 billion. Bad for America? Wrong. Bad for Israel? I don’t live there. I have family in that region who I care about, but what about Darfur? What about people who need help in our own nation? Sorry, McCain’s warmonger nature may help Israel militarily but it would do nothing to improve Israel’s plummeting reputation around the world.

    Shahar Golan said: “On behalf of the Israel and everywhere like such as, I would like to say thank”

    Thanks for this blog.


  13. Folks. I already cast my vote this past week.
    I am a registered Republican and I voted for Obama.
    It is a fact that more jews are voting for Obama versus McCain.
    Obama is still a straight forward politician and a brilliant no-nonsense man . He will do the right thing for our country and he will support Israel .

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