Top Ten Most Offensive Israeli Ads – Part 2

Over the years, the Israeli ad agencies seem less and less connected to the human experience and more and more willing to use anything to sell everything. In this list I attempt to countdown the most offensive advertisements created in Israel in recent years, in the hope of using shame as an incentive to be more creative.

While part 1 of this list focused on ads that were particularly insensitive towards historical tragedies of other nations, part 2 focuses on ads that use sexual harassments and hints of pedophilia as their storyline. Every time each of the following ads was criticized by the media and by consumers, the admen had the same exact response, claiming it was all done with a tongue-in-cheek approach, accusing the critics of being humorless sticks-in-the-mud.

2006 – Chipsi Free TV Ad – McCann Erickson


A young boy in a Hugh Heffner bathrobe tells his mom to relax as he gets a visit from two teenage blondes. Had it been a young girl getting a visit from two high school guys, there is no doubt in my mind there would have been cries of pedophilia.

2008 – Nescafé Taster’s Choice TV Ad – McCann Erickson


The new Mrs. Robinson apparently now has a craving for instant coffee and a different bachelor, dispensing sexual innuendos that would have been considered too shallow and obvious by 1980s porn directors. Nothing new, just your run-of-the-mill insult to intelligence.

2008 – Kotex Dry & Soft Night TV Ad – McCann Erickson


This is another example of a brainstorming joke that should have never left the ad agency’s conference room. Parents watching this ad with their kids are not only forced to answer questions about doggy style and the meaning of 69, but are also forced to try and explain how sexual positions correlate to female hygiene products. Totally inappropriate.

2007 – Lighting Warehouse TV Ad – Inbar-Merhav-Shaked


Miki Buganim, an Israeli hairstylist and a D-List celebrity, harasses salesmen with lighting-related sexual innuendos, looking for something for his bedroom, appreciating the fact that it bends – the light fixture, that is – and upon hearing about the 70% discount, stating he would have also agreed to 69.
Since I find a good portion of all Israeli ads to be superficial and insulting to the intelligence, I actually consider this ad to be refreshing, believe it or not. Buganim, an effeminate gay guy, sexually harassing other people in a commercial, is actually progress in a twisted kinda way. Just like gay couples who want to hop on the marriage wagon, clearly seeing that half of the straights experience buyer’s remorse – when a gay guy sells, you know Israeli society had made some progress.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Offensive Israeli Ads – Part 2”

  1. (prepare for massive mis-spelling)

    well first of all, two thumbs up for the way you write, your style is magnificent and humoroes inspite the harsh critisizm it beholds. you do seem to blend in some lovely phrases which I’ve not heard in quite a while.

    I do prefer these commercial, being non PC as may be, to the archaic redundent style of “NOW! BUY! ITS BEST! CHEAPEST!”
    at least these, have a chance of interesting the viewer without harming one’s hearing.

    I simply adore the Tester’s choice commercial, nothing is said bluntly, and we have no idea what DID, if at all, happen that night. the obvious over- acting, the slow cheap music, makes it all very pleasent and funny and I wouldn’t mind seeing it over and over again. In fact, up until now, I had no idea it was an Israeli commercial. It kind of makes me proud. I do sinceirly hope, PC phanatics won’t take over the TV channels, we might end up with a picture of a dress on white background, resaulting in going back to the infamous style of “BUY NOW! TODAY!” like some kind of primitive nation…

  2. Hey Ms. Take!

    After watching my share of ads on foreign channels, be it British or American, I was engulfed by this feeling that something is significantly different with Israeli commercials. It took me a while to put my finger on it, but a couple of months ago I finally nailed it:
    Non-Israeli ads often makes you feel smart as they aim high – while Israeli ads often makes you feel dumb or perverted, as they aim low. I am not naive, nor a politically correctness fanatic, and I know that sex sells – but there are sophisticated ways of using sex that flatter your viewer’s intellect – and in my opinion, the Nescafé Taster’s Choice ad is not one of them.

    Just because we got used to this low standard over the past fifteen years, that does not mean we cannot expect better entertainment on our commercial breaks.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi,

    Wow, finally someone who knows how to point out what`s so special about the Israeli add industry. Your comment is brilliant and puts in words what I’ve wanted to figure out myself. For a European, which I am, the Israeli commercials are refreshing and make you feel more human.
    The negative effect that you describe my be so for someone who`s been forced to watch these for the past 15 years but for me a whole new world is opening up.

    While saying you demand a more intelligent way to bring over a message you in fact are a product of the society wherefrom they came.

    Okay, you say you`re not political nor have political intensions with this blog. However I strongly believe that you are the victim of political correctness. Further stretch this blog is completely political and a indictment to your country.
    Political Correctness as being a sword to bash a country`s society is political activism for a more cohesive and ordered land. This may be farfetched but taking this as a starting point you clearly disapprove of your country and fulfill the self hating syndrome off which many people in Israel are subject to. (psychology from the cold ground ;)) It`s however understandable that you take this point of view, looking at Israel wherein a civil war is never far away (Religious-Secular) Nor are the threats from abroad ever away.

    A-shame!! Take for instant the add`s from, what`s their name, metameta? Simplistic as they may be (esh esh, and the guy is getting executed) they are brilliant but not mentioned. With this blog you kind of like do exactly the same as the commercials you denounce.

    Please take notice that my comment is written by someone who lived almost his entire life in Western Europe but also lived in Israel and spent most of his romantic life with either Israeli or Jewish girls. And Yes this comment is partially punn intended 😀

    Kind regards Wouter

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