Obama Wins* Super-Tuesday – or – Who Would Jew Vote For?

We all know Jews control the media. Yes, ever since our secret protocols were revealed the entire world knows our real intensions. Today as I watched will.i.am’s inspirational Yes We Can song in support of Presidential candidate Barack Obama, I could not help noticing how deep our control of the media goes, as one of our spies was able to insert a subliminal message in our secret Hebrew language.

Watch the clip, and roll to minute marks 1:09 and 1:44:

[singlepic id=12 w=320 h=200 float=right]Now you know how Obama won*: our very own Israeli-born Mossad agent/part-time model/struggling actress Maya Rubin       was able to infiltrate the editing studio where the video was made, and inserted a message to all our sleeper agents in our encrypted holy tongue: ‘Ken, Anu Yeholim‘ which loosely translates to ‘Yes, We Can’. Those of you in the know remember that this is the same message that notified American Zionists not to go to work on that day in 2001.

* At the time of publishing this post the polls are still open, so obviously this is another Jewish scheme to lure people who Google the subject.
Any reference to Jewish schemes, Zionists plots, acts of espionage and the general conspiratorial undertone in this post should be taken as mere satire by anyone reading this.
Except for Jews, which are ordered to take this post literally by the General HQ.

13 thoughts on “Obama Wins* Super-Tuesday – or – Who Would Jew Vote For?”

  1. When a crowd responds with “Whoooo!!!” instead of “Bomb them all!”, we know that the speaker’s intent isn’t to destroy another nation, but to build better bonds with them. c’mon steve =P

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  3. evrything the MOSSAD doing for our yews and our dear GOD y harry stayafter all off uss shaloom and a shanatova and may our dear GOD blessings uss and our reall frends

  4. The greatest trick the Jews ever pulled was convincing the world that the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was a hoax.

  5. haha this is totally crap, do you people believe any thing you read. what about doing you own reseach… dum asses, its peolpe like you that are the sickness in our world. you believe any thing you want to believe in…

  6. “Obama will hurt us but he will destroy Israel.” sentences like those and blogs like this one come from those ppl which are bad for our planet.

  7. I love Israel.Its a great nation with great people in the world.
    if am asked which secret service i would like to join?its mossad

  8. Never really cared about Obama , he’s just a Washington****puppet . Maya Rubin on the other hand looks fine as ever . All else taken in context , the nature of this article is total bullshit . We all know the smuggled funds of the Third Reich runs wall street and the politically puppetized propaganda of the censored media . Isn’t that what Adolf Hitler whispered to Joseph Geobbles in the last days when they were moving to the new home Prescott Bush purchased for them . Were moving to America and own some of the pie – Yes we can , yes we can .

  9. i admire jews and the fact that they managed to establish a state i.e. israel against seemingly insurmountable odds we sumis are the jews of nagaland . we are hated by all other nagas because we happen to be braver and more courageous than them . i know how the jews feel.long live israel and all the jews there will always be a place for the jews in my heart and land

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