I Wanted To Make Sure I Was Not The Only One Having Fun

I recently watched Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquism act in a Comedy Central special titled ‘Spark of Insanity’ and have to say it is funny as hell. Dunham is not just very talented and very professional in creating the illusion that his puppets actually do talk, but he also makes them ‘smart-enough’ to figure out their shortcomings and make fun of themselves:
Peanut, for instance, a dummy ‘born in Micronesia’ knows he and Dunham ‘cannot talk at the same time’, and makes an amazingly funny impersonation of an English-dubbed version of Godzilla, talking out of synch. This level of comedic consciousness reminded me Buster Keaton’s 1920 film ‘One Week’, in which a hand covers the camera lens when Sybil Seely stands up naked in the bathtub to pick up a bar of soap off the floor.

Here is a little taste:


Continues here, then here.

I am currently on vacation at the Dead Sea, so I prepared this post in advance and defined a delayed publishing, just to make sure my readers would enjoy themselves while I do the same.

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