Excuse me miss, can I show you something amazing, for only twenty seconds of your time?

There’s nothing young Israelis like better than to make a fast buck. That’s why when they are in their twenties, after the mandatory army service, many of them travel abroad to work mainly in two countries: Japan, selling paintings to wealthy Japanese, or to the US selling nail care products to soccer moms. The legitimacy of these jobs is borderline at best as the hiring company usually enrolls them in bogus college courses in order to get a work permit.

Rami Feinstein   , a rising Israeli singer-songwriter, usually sings in Hebrew, but after he worked in the US selling manicure products to finance his debut album, he decided to take the script he worked off of to lure customers, and compose it into a song.

Here is the video for the song, called “Something Amazing“:
Something Amazing – Rami Feinstein – lyrics

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Excuse me miss,
Can I…
Can I ask you a question?
Do you have natural nails?
Can I show you something amazing,
For only twenty seconds of your time?

Come closer,
Step into my office.
See it’s a
Professional buffer,
It has three sides:
The black is made out of diamond dust,
And the white is cotton,
And the grey…
The grey is the most magical side
It’s gonna make your nails shine for
Two whole weeks.

Come here,
Come close.

Let me show you something amazing,
Something amazing,
Something amazing,
Can I show you something amazing,
Something amazing,
For your nails?

See on a regular day
We sell it for
Thirty-nine ninety nine,
But, you know,
Thirty-nine ninety nine is
Also a good price,
You got…
You got… It’s a whole kit:
You got a lotion,
You got some cuticle oil inside,
It’s actually for all of your body,
But today,
Only today,
Only for you,
We have a special promotion going on
And it’s only twenty-nine ninety nine.

Here, come close,
Put some lotion on,
Put it on…
I know you want to,
I know you want to.


Who? Me? I’m just…
You know, I’m not a salesman,
I just came here for a few months for Christmas.
I’m really a musician,
I wanna make some money for my

No, I’m not a salesman,
No, just…
This is my first time doing this.
If you can think of someone else
That would like this as a Christmas gift?
You know, if you buy two
You get a better price.


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