Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin Coloring Book

Assassination of Rabin family activity pack: Noa Ben Artzi's eulogy

This is an art work I created in 2006, consisting of coloring pages created from television images embedded in our collective Israeli memory. The work was originally displayed in Jerusalem as a ‘family activity pack’ consisting of coloring books and crayons for the kids, and four television monitors for their parents, showing the actual events, including the Kempler video, the TV news announcement, President Clinton’s eulogy, and the state funeral.

Assassination of Rabin family activity pack: Yaacov Eilon announcing PM demise

Some might think this artwork is in poor taste, and I would agree. It is my criticism on the commemoration of Rabin in Israel, particularly within the Israeli educational system, which consists more of ‘Rabin as a grandpa’ and ‘killing people because of their ideas is bad’ and less about what we can do today to stop the next political assassination, how raising the level of debate in this country strengthens us, and why it is still possible to get elected for office in Israel without expressing any opinions or plans.

Assassination of Rabin family activity pack: Aaron Barnea announcing PM demise

Assassination of Rabin family activity pack: President Clinton's eulogy

The complete ready-to-print coloring book can be downloaded here.

Update: You can read this post in Hebrew here.

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