Cancelled: Israeli Production of the Avenue Q Musical

I just found out this last Wednesday that the Israeli production of the musical Avenue Q is cancelled :(
After a month of phone calls and emails, I was finally able to get an official response from the Beit Lessin Theatre, confirming that the translated local production that was scheduled to open on October 25, 2007 in Tel-Aviv, Israel – will not take place.

Cancelled: Israeli Production of the Avenue Q Musical [doctored image]

Not that it matters now, but it was previously published that the production will feature Roy Bar-Natan, Idan Alterman, Tali Oren, Michal Yannai, Nicky Goldstein and Tomer Sharon. It was also published that the director will be Moshe Kepten, the producer Yariv Yefet and the translation is by Eli Bizsawi.

I guess I will have to fly to New-York or London, after all.

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