How To Get Rid of A Rented Apartment in Israel in Only 4 Hours

In getting ready to finish my schooling, I wanted to find another tenant to replace me in my rented apartment. Now, granted, it is a very nice apartment and it is very well located in the city center – but when I posted it online I never thought someone would offer to sign the lease without even seeing it first.
I heard about the flat shortage in Tel-Aviv, but I never thought it is just as bad in Jerusalem. Then again, I was 'out of the market' for three years and apparently did not have a clue.

But as I do not tend to share my everyday experiences, this post is actually intended to let you in on a little known secret: an amazing real estate search engine that goes through all the other big websites and summarizes the information for you – an Israeli apartment dogpile, if you will. It is called Baboo and I think it is an excellent tool for flat-hunters.

Good luck!

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