Knut Kidnapped Madeleine

Knut The Polar Bear Kidnapped Madeleine McCannIf you have been watching television lately you probably know all about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, one three year old British girl. British TV stations and many International networks have been following the search over the passing month. You may also know all about Knut, the polar bear recently born in Germany.
I bet, though, you did not hear about all the Indian children who died during that time from diseases long ago eradicated in the Western world; I bet you did not hear anything about African children forced to join a militia and kill people, and I am definitely sure you have not heard about Sesame Street teaching children why it is wise to be a Muslim martyr.

Who kidnapped my television? Who cynically implemented the unspoken Peoples-Worth-Index and is a black man still worth three-fifths of a white man? The disappearance of a child is a horrible tragedy for his parents, but when that is all that is aired on the news, how can people hear about the misfortunes of others?

To put it bluntly – if Knut the bear can kidnap all the airtime – can he kidnap a little blond girl?

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