Prelude To A Bigger War

Oh, Danny boy, in the language of our forefathers: Oy vey!

I cannot exaggerate how vastly the sense of malcontent from this war has spread amongst the citizens of my country. A righteous war, with wide support from the western world, was lead by pollsters and public relations offices; leaders who do what looks good and not what _is_ good; goals that continuously change to fit the actual achievements; and a whole lot of grieving parents not knowing what their sons died for.

It seems we insist on borrowing only the negative ways of our American patrons, and have turned into a nation to whom selling breakfast cereals or a prime minister is just as easy. Had you asked people when the war started what they are fighting for, they would have said they are fighting to bring the captive soldiers home – but when that was not going as planned, a publicity blitz has started in the aim of convincing the entire nation that the goal was all along to declare our independence to the neighboring states, leaving our captives to the mercy of the unmerciful.

At this point in time three IDF soldiers are being held hostages, 113 soldiers were killed in action, the prime minister is suspected of receiving bribe, the president is suspected of rape (r-a-p-e, rape!), the Justice minister has resigned after being indicted for sexual assault, and the Army Chief of Staff has sold
his entire stock portfolio 3 hours after hearing about the two abducted soldiers and the eight fellow
soldiers who died in that incident.

Danny, I cannot begin to put into words my emotional turmoil – at this point I can only say this:
We are worthy of better leaders.

There is already a grassroots movement, which was started by a couple dozen army reservists coming back from the war, which calls for the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister, Defense Minister
and the Army Chief of Staff. The reasoning behind this is far from vindictive – the people who have fought
this war feel PR considerations was the primary reason for so many soldiers being killed and they are simply terrified Israel might lose the next war, lurking just around the corner.
It goes without saying that in this part of the world you only get to lose once.

Friend, I bid you adieu and hope my next email would be much more cheerful,

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