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Hey guys!

It is the end of the first semester here, but I have some homework for the vacation period…

Lana asked two questions, which I will try to answer (to the best of my ability):
1. Voting: The Palestinians just had this last month municipal elections, and will have their first parliament elections in 9 months. With their new leader, the Israeli army and the Israeli government have been nothing but supportive and went out of their way to let the municipal elections go as smoothly as possible.
2. Plowing Down Homes: This is debated within Israel, but there is a general consensus. When a suicide bomber blows himself up, obviously there is no one left to try, so what Israel used to do (I am pretty certain it does not anymore) is let the terrorists' family know their house will be plowed down in a number of hours. These actions were aimed to be a deterrent for other Palestinians who may plot to do the same, in order to let them know their families might suffer some inconvenience. It is hard to grasp, but some of the suicide bombers have been family men with very small children than were left with just their mom.
2.A. Other cases of home plowing happened when terrorists used civilians' homes to shoot missiles from, and the army plowed down houses while broadening a self-defined security zone.

Other than that, I am currently reading David Horovitz's 'Still Life with Bombers', but I haven't got to the home plowing part :)

Also, there might be some good reading (although, I would not bet on it) at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Enia mentioned a couple of great movies, and I wanted to elaborate on that:
Aside from being Israeli made movies (which may appeal to some of you), I am pretty sure whoever likes foreign films would enjoy the movies Enia mentioned.

'Broken Wings' is an Israeli movie I liked.

The other movies Enia mentioned might be more tricky, as I did not find an NTSC version for them…

I did find a made-for-TV-movie which I really liked named 'Yossi & Jagger'. It is about a romance between two male soldiers within the Israeli army.

Other than that, I can recommend two great books. The first is named "Our Country" by my favorite Israeli photographer named Alex Levac, who has a great eye for catching the visual contradictions that are ubiquitous in my country.
You can have a peek at the pictures here, and find where to purchase it from by clicking here.
(…some of you may already own this book :)

The second book I liked (although I did read it in Hebrew) is named 'The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God' and is written by an Israeli short stories writer named Etgar Keret.


The subject mentions an idea, so I will have to follow:
since renting the mentioned movies is not feasible, how about floating them around?
Someone will need to purchase one of them, see it and send it to someone else from the group – who would do the same.
Just an idea…

Lots of love,

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