Singing Waitress at McDonald’s

[05/05/2002 21:00 Bangkok, Thailand]

Hey everybody!

On a whim, I decided to skip a return to the northern part of India and fly from Nepal to Thailand.
I arrived here two days ago and I have been floating on air ever since.

It's everything.
The people are beautiful (unlike my first choice of India) and the taxi drivers don't try to scam you and beg for more money.
They sing here on the street, you know.
Well… they told me they don't really sing for me, it's just that the intonation is so very strange and funny.

It's impossible to explain in an email, but whoever has been here knows _exactly_ what I'm talking about.
([Name redacted], it's _exactly_ how you said it will be).

They linger at the end of each word, and it sounds just like singing.

Sawatdee kaa

Kop khun kaa

And their English! Oh, their English.

Cannot, Misteeeer. Cannoooot.

Losing money.

No hab.

Two days here, and I'm already in love.

Whoever said Khaosan Road is dirty – whoever said Bangkok is stinky, obviously never been to India.
In my eyes, it is heaven.


Lots of BKK smiles,

One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free
You'll find a God in every golden cloister
And if you're lucky then the God's a she
I can feel an angel sliding up to me

"One Night in Bangkok"¬† — Murray Head¬† — The musical "Chess"