Hampi Evidence of Having Fun

[Sunday? 5/1/2002 14:15 Hampi, Karanatake, India]

Hi Everybody!

As promised – some more pictures of me having fun.

The first was taken in the morning after a full moon trance party at Vagator beach, Goa.
A bit different from parties you probably know.

The second is here at Hampi, just outside of my guest house.
Cows are just a thing you need to get used to in India.
Especially notice when a bull is running wild in a narrow alley.

The third is me at Ugra Narasimha statue. Hampi is filled with old temples and statues.
They say that there are as many Gods in India as there are people.
I guess that every person here is an incarnation of God himself, in some way.

Lots of love from Karnataka state,

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