The Road To Hampi

[2/1/2002 19:13 Hampi, Karnataka, India]

The road to Tiparary may be long,
but the road to Hampi is B^U^M^P^Y.

So, everybody!

Hope you all danced and celebrated New-Year's well.
After Goa's New-Year's party I left to Hampi with two friends, Elad and Yossi.
We arrived in Hampi in the state of Karnataka after a 10 hours drive on the most bumpy roads I have ever seen.

A quick riddle:
Where am I?
1. The sleeper bus gets cancelled.
2. The travelling agency offers no alternative.
3. You end up hiring a Jeep driver for 4 times the amount you should have spent.
4. You try to sleep sitting up for 10 hours with no luck.
5. In the middle of the way, you stop for dinner and the driver vanishes when the check arrives.
6. You stop at 6 different point and the soldiers are looking for alcohol – not drugs.
7. At one of these stops the driver brings a soldier for safety reasons to drive with us.
Yes! You're right. I am in India.

One last thing –
Following are 14 things I learned after 10 days in
2. "Lekases"
3. Filter
4. Chewing Gum
5. Mineral Water
6. "Boof"
7. "Mitpotsets"
8. Munchees
9. Excta
10. Joint
11. Space Cookie
12. Hush Brownies
13. Bang Lassis
14. Chillum
If none of those things ring a bell – don't feel bad.

That's it for now,
Lots of love,

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