They told me…

[Goa, India 24/12/2001 19:50]
Hi All!

They told me that Goa is packed with tourists… It is not.
They told me that Goa is filled with Israelis… It is not.
They told me that Goa is filled with drugs…

I arrived to Goa yesterday morning after a 16 hours bus drive.
It was a sleeper bus so I slept all night.
I came with two friends from Pune, a guy, Elad and a girl, Sharon and we stay at a house just on the beach.
It costs us 250 Rupees so that’s 8.5 Shekel per night.

Goa is the name of the state and we stay on Anjuna beach.
I will stay here for a week maybe and then move to Arambol which is another beach.

The scenery is amazing, it’s a bit difficult to grasp that this is India.
You would think this is the Carribian.

Anyway, I’m enjoying myself here.
Everything is Shanti Shanti.
The prices are a little high because of the high season.
Oh yeah, Marry Christmas to whoever of you who celebrates.

Anyway, I finished the Reiki course. It was the most powerful experience I have had so far.
The teacher, Niranjan is an amazing man and he has his own truths and he dispenses them, no matter what you might think of them.
They do sound silly at first, but then you realize most of what he says is true.

Anyway, every place I arrive to is the same deal:
I am too overwhelmed by the sights and the culture that I do not take a single picture the first couple of days.

Oh yeah, it is so HOT in here. I almost melted yesterday.

That’s it for now.
EMail you soon,

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