Ha Cha from Pune

[Tuesday 20/11/2001 17:42 – Pune, India]
Hi everybody!

Yes, yes, I am fine.
I arrived at Bombay (Now called Mumbai) on Sunday night (actually – 03:00am Monday morning) after a 4 hours (count them together: one… two… three… FOUR!) hours delay at Milan.

Mumbai stinks! It's everything everyone warned me about and even smellier!
I picked Hilit (my travel partner) at 08:00am Monday morning at the airport and after a quick shower we took a train to Pune – 5 hours south of Mumbai.

[For all you people that have been to India – as you may know: Pune is what used to be called Puna – as Mumbai is what used to be called Bombay. It's all
political milage the India politicians want to earn as part of leaving the British history behind.]

But, let's keep focus…
Talking about focus: I must be in a culture shock because I only took like 4 pictures. It's just not that comfortable to me. I plan to observe the people and I feel that until I get comfortable with the different mentality, I will only take some courtesy pictures, just to prove I was in Pune.
No need to ask… I did _not_ take _any_ pictures in smelly Mumbai.

Ha cha…

This is it for now. Oh yeah, I baught my first _ever_ orange pants – a picture soon. Please don't print it in multiple copies on the company machines and do not post it all over the [company] building. Thank you.

Lots of love,

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