Iron Time

[Sunday 25/11/2001 Pune, India – EMail #2]
Hello Everybody!

When you need to emphasis here that you are serious when scheduling a meeting – you say [“Iron Time”]. That is to differentiate from any other time, commonly known as “Indian Time”, that is, if you feel like it, show up – if you don’t – no one would hold it against you.

Things are great here in Pune. A famous Reiki Master was rumored to start a 3 weeks Reiki course in the Pyramids, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to attend, since I will be in another course at the Osho Commune Center (a.k.a. Osho Ashram).
But, as always, as you look at the world, the world looks at you. Turns out, the course starts 3/12/2001 – so that means two things:
A. I will be able to attend
B. I only have a day off, with no schedule planned, that is tomorrow.

Due to that I will stay here in Pune for a month, and me and my traveling partner have split-up, and she moved on.

I really want to just think you all for lighting up my computer screen, every time I check my emails. It feels so good to know that people care and put in the effort to write.

I may not reply to everyone due to lack of time, but I
promise you that every email is read and saved.

Love you all,

Ha Cha from Pune

[Tuesday 20/11/2001 17:42 – Pune, India]
Hi everybody!

Yes, yes, I am fine.
I arrived at Bombay (Now called Mumbai) on Sunday night (actually – 03:00am Monday morning) after a 4 hours (count them together: one… two… three… FOUR!) hours delay at Milan.

Mumbai stinks! It's everything everyone warned me about and even smellier!
I picked Hilit (my travel partner) at 08:00am Monday morning at the airport and after a quick shower we took a train to Pune – 5 hours south of Mumbai.

[For all you people that have been to India – as you may know: Pune is what used to be called Puna – as Mumbai is what used to be called Bombay. It's all
political milage the India politicians want to earn as part of leaving the British history behind.]

But, let's keep focus…
Talking about focus: I must be in a culture shock because I only took like 4 pictures. It's just not that comfortable to me. I plan to observe the people and I feel that until I get comfortable with the different mentality, I will only take some courtesy pictures, just to prove I was in Pune.
No need to ask… I did _not_ take _any_ pictures in smelly Mumbai.

Ha cha…

This is it for now. Oh yeah, I baught my first _ever_ orange pants – a picture soon. Please don't print it in multiple copies on the company machines and do not post it all over the [company] building. Thank you.

Lots of love,